[PULS] Compact 36W, 60W and 90W DIN rail power sup...
2020 一 月

The latest and smallest representatives of the PIANO product family are currently the 24V DIN rail power supplies PIM36  [ ... ]

[Power System Technology] New product family DC-DC...
2019 十二 月

Power System Technology Announces the Commercialization of a New Family of DC / DC Power Converter Products: PST14X. PS [ ... ]

[GAIA] New MGDS-205-H-E
2019 十一 月

GAIA Converter is pleased to announce a new Series of Quarter Brick Format : The MGDS-205-H-E. The new MGDM-205 Series  [ ... ]

[XP Power] rugged wide-range input 6/10W power mod...
2019 十 月

XP Power today introduced two new series of wide input range chassis and DIN rail mount DC-DC converters that offer simp [ ... ]

[PULS] CP5 series: Wide range of new 120W DIN rail...
2019 九 月

In the 120W power class, the new CP5.121 (12V, 10A) and CP5.241 (24V, 5A) power supplies are setting new benchmarks. Wit [ ... ]

[XP Power] launches new 500W-650W AC-DC power supp...
2019 八 月

XP Power has announced two new ranges of AC-DC power supplies that provide BF class insulation for healthcare applicatio [ ... ]

[PULS] New power supply PIC480.241D: 24V 20A
2019 七 月

The PIC480.241D is a 480W DIN rail power supply with wide-range input. The cost-oriented unit is focused on basic functi [ ... ]

[XP Power] 60kV rack mount power supplies launched...
2019 六 月

XP Power has introduced a series of rack mount high voltage DC power supplies able to supply up to 60kV. Aimed at labora [ ... ]

[XP Power] Medical, 2 x MOPP, DC-DC converters sim...
2019 五 月

XP Power has launched a new range of 20 Watt DC-DC power modules with international agency approvals for medical/healthc [ ... ]

2019 四 月

The MPGS-14-E-B is a non isolated converter for use in local voltage conversion. It can be used alone directly in front [ ... ]

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