Gaia New 6W, 12V - 160V input MGDDI series
2017 十 月

Releasing today the MGDDI06 Series: 6W DC-DC converter,12V-160V input ranges is ideal to cover all typical 24V, 28V, 3 [ ... ]

Audi 與 Alta Devices 合作開發具備有太陽能屋頂的汽車...
2017 九 月

Audi 與 Alta Devices 簽署合作契約,共同開發具有集成高效太陽能電池的汽車 Audi 和 Alta Device [ ... ]

Vicor 推出採用ChiP 封裝的最新K=1/16、384VDC-24VDC 產品,進一步豐富高電...
2017 八 月

摘要: 最新BCM6123TD1E2663Txx是一款採用ChiP封裝的高密度、高效率、固定比率DC-DC轉換器模塊  [ ... ]

CoolX Series Industrial Features including an incr...
2017 七 月

Industrial Approval – 5 Year Warranty – User Configurable The CoolX600 Series is the new, revolutionary, convection [ ... ]

Excelsys CoolX Power Supplies Approved to New IEC ...
2017 六 月

Full product family meets stringent audio, video, IT and communications equipment requirements; New IEC 62368-1 standard [ ... ]

The New Safety Standard for ITE and AV Equipment: ...
2017 四 月

   Background of IEC62368-1 The boundaries between information technology and audio/ video technology have become in [ ... ]

All Excelsys Power Supplies Now Meet 4th Edition o...
2017 三 月

Complete product line reviewed for full medical approvals; Range of products includes CoolX, UltiMod, Xgen and Xsolo pow [ ... ]

Magnetic feedback improves MTBF of Switching Mode ...
2017 二 月

By CHRISTIAN JONGLAS, Applications & Technical support manager, Considering isolation in switching mode power suppl [ ... ]

Alta Devices雙結太陽能電池效率創紀錄達31.6%...
2016 十二 月

無人機加裝太陽能板輔助發電,並非只是 Facebook Aquila 和 Google Project Wing 

Gaia MGDS-155 1/4磚 150W 模塊;16-80,9-45 VDC輸入範圍...
2016 十一 月


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