[PULS] Remote-controlled power supply with 24V 20A DC output

The new DIN rail power supply CP20.241-V1 is equipped with an additional remote-controlled ON/OFF feature. It allows you to switch-on/off the power supply output with a signal switch or transistor. This remote feature makes the centralized control of multiple components a lot easier and faster.

The CP20.241-V1 is part of the DIMENSION CP series, which provides efficient solutions for all users requiring powerful yet space-saving DIN rail power supplies for their system.

With a width of only 48mm, PULS is setting a whole new standard in this power class. The compact design of the CP20 units is possible thanks to an efficiency of 95.6%. The devices have been optimised not only for the highest possible peak efficiency at full load but also excellent efficiencies in the partial load range. High efficiency levels across the entire load range mean lower energy costs for the users in the usage phase.

The CP20 power supplies also stand out from the competition when it comes to service lifetime. The devices achieve a service lifetime of at least 94,000 hours, at +40°C ambient temperature, 100% load and 230Vac.

In addition to the high power density, users benefit from a comprehensive approvals package and helpful features. These features include a power reserve of 20% (up to +45°C continuously and between +45°C and +60°C short-term), an exceptionally small input inrush current, full output power between -25°C and +60°C (with derating up to +70°C) as well as high immunity to transients.

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