[MORNSUN] 305VAC input 100-320W LMFxx-23Bxx with PFC for all challenging conditions.


The LMFxx-23B series of enclosed power supply has the advantages of isolation voltage as high as 4000VAC, and high PF of 0.95.
It accept AC or DC input, and meets UL62368, EN62368, CB62368 and GB4943 certification standards.


Main challenging conditions:

1) Voltage fluctuation

The input voltage range is 85-305VAC/100-430VDC, which solves the three major shortcomings of conventional 85-264VAC input product:

a. the universal input voltage of 85~305VAC cover the standard voltage of 110/220/277VAC

b. It solves the power failure caused by voltage fluctuations in grid power distribution or generator

c. It can also work normally under transient high input voltage (the input voltage exceeds 264VAC when the device is turned on or turned off).

2) High altitude

It meets the 5000m altitude application requirement, and the product has passed high/low temperature altitude test, long-term aging test, etc.;

3) EMI

a. EMI meets CLASS B reducing harm to the human body and the interference of other equipment;

4) High/ low temperature

Wide operating temperature range is -30℃ to +70℃. The product can still work at full load and has a strong start-up ability while at low temperature of -30℃ ; while it is running at 70℃, the temperature rise of product components is low and the service life is long.