[GAIA]Gaia's MGDS-201 Series of smart High-Reliability DC-DC Converters are designed for military ,avionic, airborne, or groundborne applications.


The MGDM-201 series features a range of 200W military grade isolated dc/dc converters with ultra-wide input voltage range of 9 - 45 or 16 - 80 Volts dc. The series includes single output voltage choices of 3.3, 5 12, 15, or 24Vdc.

Using fixed switching frequency, the converter is based on a forward topology, and uses magnetic feed-back technology instead of classical opt-coupler for an improved reliability. The converter does not embed complex logic circuitry, and it features multiple functions.
The ultra-wide output voltage trim allows users to define the output voltage value with only one low power resistor. To avoid input bus drop, in case of load failure, the Itrim function will limit the output power.

The converter’s switching frequency can be slightly shifted to avoid radar bandwidth or simply synchronized to another converter to reduce switching noise.The output current sharing function allows connecting multiple converters in parallel in order to boost output power.

The series is equipped with useful protections like soft-start for inrush current limitation, overload and short circuit protection, input under voltage lockout, and over temperature shut-down.

The MGDS201 is especially suitable for demanding applications. It comes in a fully potted metallic case that can operate with temperature ranging from -55 to 105°C



• 9-45 or 16-80Vdc input.
• Power up to 200W
• Efficiency up to 91%
• Galvanic isolation 1500Vdc
• Paralleling function
• Wide output voltage trim
• Output current limit trim

• Mil-STD-704
• Mil-STD-1275
• Mil-STD-461
• DO160






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