[GAIA]New MGDM-250 Series


The MGDM-250 wide input series is a complete family of DC/DC power modules designed for use in distributed power architecture where variable imput voltage and transient are prevalent. Designed for aerospace, military and high-end industrial applications.

Ideal with wide input voltage range of 9-36 Vdc and single output voltage of 5, 12, 15 or 24 volts, these modules use high frequency fixed switching topology at 330KHz providing excellent reliability, easing noise management, and high power density.


MGDM250    Features
    • Standard quarter brick package
    • Nominal power up to 250W
    • Galvanic isolation 1500Vdc
    • Trim adjustment : 90% to 110%

    • Mil-STD-704
    • Mil-STD-1275
    • Mil-STD-461
    • DO160











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