[PULS] PULS offers a product line for railway appl...
2021 五 月

榮帥電機為PULS台灣區合作夥伴 The DIN-RAILway power supplies from PULS represent a new range of railway powe [ ... ]

[MORNSUN] 150W 250-1500VDC Input Voltage DC/DC Con...
2021 四 月

榮帥電機為MORNSUN(金升陽)台灣區合作夥伴 According to the development of the PV industry, demands of more [ ... ]

[GAIA] GAIA Converter is pleased to announce a new...
2021 三 月

榮帥電機為GAIA台灣區獨家代理廠商 The MGDM-160 low input series includes , trim and sense functions, and a [ ... ]

[MORNSUN] 45/65W High Power Density Medical- Grade...
2021 二 月

榮帥電機為MORNSUN(金升陽)台灣區合作夥伴 MORNSUN newly launched the miniaturized open-frame power supply, [ ... ]

[GAIA] GAIA Converter is pleased to announce a new...
2021 一 月

榮帥電機為GAIA台灣區獨家代理廠商 The LHUG-150-N is a low profile 150W surge voltage and inrush current li [ ... ]

[BRUSA] BDC546 - Bidirectional 750 V DC/DC-Convert...
2020 十二 月

榮帥電機為BRUSA台灣區合作夥伴   Voltage range for full performance Highside: 150-750 V
Voltage range [ ... ]

[PULS] Fanless 120W and 240W medical power supplie...
2020 十一 月

榮帥電機為PULS台灣區合作夥伴 PULS is further expanding its portfolio of medical power supplies. In addition [ ... ]

[MORNSUN] 305VAC input 100-320W LMFxx-23Bxx with P...
2020 十 月

榮帥電機為MORNSUN(金升陽)台灣區合作夥伴 The LMFxx-23B series of enclosed power supply has the advantages [ ... ]

[PULS] 480W power supply with monitoring display
2020 九 月

榮帥電機為PULS台灣區合作夥伴 The CP20 series from PULS stands for efficient and compact 24V, 20A 1-phase DI [ ... ]

[MORNSUN] 30W isolated DC-DC converter Ultra-wide ...
2020 八 月

榮帥電機為MORNSUN(金升陽)台灣區合作夥伴 URA_LD-30WR3 & URB_LD-30WR3 series of isolated 30W DC-DC con [ ... ]

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