[GAIA] GAIA Converter is pleased to announce a new input bus conditioner : The LHUG-150


The LHUG-150-N is a low profile 150W surge voltage and inrush current limiter , including also a hold-up function to comply Mil-Std 1275 and Mil-Std 704 standards

The LHUG-150-N is an ultra compact Mil/Aero multi-standard, voltage and power conditioner dedicated to Gaia Converter's latest generation «N» DC/DC converters (i.e with 9-60Vdc permanent input voltage).

The LHUG-150-N is designed to comply with the additional input requirements of 24/28Vdc Mil/Aero buses such as :
- input inrush current limitation,
- transient input voltage,
- transparency due to brownout,
- +/-100V reverse protection.

The LHUG-150-N allows setting the output power protection limit as well as reducing EMI thanks to Gaia Converter’s bi-phase synchronization drive of MGDD converter.
The LHUG-150-N has been designed to easily build complex multiple output architectures up to 120W .

It complies with the followings standards :
- MIL-STD-704A/D/E/F, MIL-STD-1275A/B/C/D/E, MIl-STD-461,
- EN2282, AIR2021E and many others

The combination of LHUG-150-N, the MGDD series of DC/DC converters and the FGDS filter series, leads to size, thickness and weight optimization of Mil/Aero multiple output DC-DC power supplies.




• High density low profile 8mm
• Transient suppressor module from 10 to 100Vdc
• Hold-up function
• Power range : up to 150W
• Reverse polarity protection
• DC/DC converter biphase drive
• Inrush current limitation





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