[MORNSUN] 45/65W High Power Density Medical- Grade AC/DC Converter - LO45/65-20BxxMU(-C) series


MORNSUN newly launched the miniaturized open-frame power supply, suitable for use in BF-type medical device. The series meets the medical certification standards and has the advantages of universal input voltage range.

  • Advantages 

1. Universal input voltage range
85-264VAC (100-370VDC), AC and DC dual-use

2. Meet the medical certification standards
    a. Meets UL/IEC/EN60601 standards (fourth edition)-pending
    b. Leakage current as low as 75μA
    c. Meet 2 x MOPP safety certification
    d. Design meets UL/IEC/EN62368, IEC/EN60335-1, IEC/EN61558-1, GB4943-1 standards

3. Compact size
    a. LO45/65-20BxxMU: compact size of 3"x 2"x1.03”
    b. shell series: LO45/65-20BxxMU-C

4. Wide operating temperature range, high efficiency
    a. Wide operating temperature range: -40℃ to +70℃;
    b. Efficiency up to 91%

  • Application

High reliability design for the medical industry, which can be extended to industrial control, LED, street light control, electricity, security, communications, smart home and other fields.

LO45 20BxxMU