[GAIA] New MGDI-164


The MGDI-164 wide input series is a full family of DC/DC power modules designed for use in distributed power architecture where variable imput voltage and transient are prevalent making them ideal for high-end industrial applications.

Ideal with wide input voltage range of 9-36, these modules use a high frequency fixed switching topology at 330KHz providing excellent reliability, low noise characteristics, high power density.

All the modules are designed with LC network filters to minimize reflected input current ripple and out-put voltage ripple. The modules have totally independant security functions including input undervoltage lock-out, output overvoltage protection, output current limitation protection, and temperature protection. The soft-start function allows current limitation and eliminates inrush current during start-up. The modules are potted with a bi-component thermal conductive compound and used an insulated metallic substrat to ensure optimum power dissipation under harsh environmental conditions.

MGDI 164



• Standard quarter brick package
• Single output
• Soft start
• No load to full load operation
• Nominal power up to 160W
• Galvanic isolation 1 500 VDC
• Switching frequency 330 KHz
• Protections : input undervoltage lockout, output current limitation, output overvoltage, over temperature
• Trim adjustment : 90% to 110%
• External synchronization range : no synchro
• Additional functions : on/off, sense




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