[GAIA] 250 Watt DC-DC Converter : MGDI-254 Series


Gais'a MGDSI-254 Series of Industrial DC-DC Converters offer operating temperature ranges of -40 to +95°C with input ranges typically required of OEM / Industrial applications.

The MGDI-254 wide input series is a full family of DC/DC power modules designed for use in distributed power architecture where variable input voltage and transient are prevalent making them ideal particularly for transportation, railways or high-end industrial applications. These modules use a high frequency fixed swiching topology at 330KHz providing excellent reliability, low noise characteristics and high power density.
Standard models are available with wide input voltage range of 9-36 volts. The serie includes single output voltage choice of 12 volts or 15Volts. The MGDI-254 series include trim and sense functions.

MGDI 254



• Standard quarter brick package
• Single output
• Soft start
• No load to full load operation
• Nominal power up to 250W
• Galvanic isolation 1 500 VDC
• Switching frequency 330 KHz
• Protections : input undervoltage lockout, output current limitation, output overvoltage, over temperature
• Trim adjustment : 90% to 110%
• External synchronization range : no synchro
• Additional functions : on/off, sense




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